• Remember, when we were kids, and summer stretched before us like an endless amount of time? When we had time to be bored and wonder how to make the hours pass until the ice cream truck would come? Instead, these days, I find myself wondering how it can be August already, where the summer went…… […]
  • Coping with cancer is hard. Life means constantly adapting to change, and some days, that's easier than others, regardless of the soundtrack. Whatever happened to being able to plan?
  • Like the mockingbird, we all need to try on different tunes in the search for resilience after a cancer diagnosis.
  • Reminding myself to listen to the sound of silence helps me be the supportive friend and mentor I want to be to those struggling with loss and grief.
  • Nothing is normal after cancer or Covid, but maybe, just maybe, we can begin to move on…
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