• We all get stuck sometimes. Anticipating loss can make current grief even more destabilizing, but a little rehab and a few deep breaths can help.
  • Gratitude, anticipation and frustration co-exist in this thing we call life. How do you balance the three? Somedays, not very well!
  • Like an interrupted dream, that sensation of missing some vague yet desirable and unattainable past applies to cancer too.
  • The sky may be blue today, but don't count on it for tomorrow. Like the weather, life is unpredictable and beyond our control.
  • Remember, when we were kids, and summer stretched before us like an endless amount of time? When we had time to be bored and wonder how to make the hours pass until the ice cream truck would come? Instead, these days, I find myself wondering how it can be August already, where the summer went…… […]
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